Projects we left our mark on

Cina in Tramvai >

With the „Cina în Tramvai” project we wish to place Timișoara at the top of the European destinations, where for one hour and a half you get the oportunity to enjoy dinner in a Tram restaurant. Cina în Tramvai promotes more then interpersonal love. The tram follows the course of the first electric tram in Romania and it has the mission of familiarising its guests with the history of the town, uncovering more reasons to love Timișoara.

SpectacolTM >

SpectacolTM concept was created by the desire to complete Timișoaras cultural agenda. In preparation for 2021, Event Architects joined forces with DH Events in holding the flag by respecting the status of European Cultural Capital. We started

Domnul Casatorescu >

Domunl Căsătorescu is the wedding planning agency that guarantees your event will be remarkable through the unicity of the details.>

With over 50,000 students, Timișoara is one of the biggest university centres in the country. targets university and highschool graduates to organise their graduation festivities and prom.